Proposal #11 discussion

  • Stage 1: I am going to start with the original eth netstats, I am going to remove the irrelevant sections and add in stats about transactions per second power used, orphaned blocks(there are quite a few)

    Stage2: I am going to put masternodes in Dallas TX and Singapore and measure propagation, (I need to dig more in to the devote process to see what i can hook into, i may have to run modified masternodes to interact with what i need) I will find other relevant stats I can report on.

    Stage3: I am going to add a crawler using the javascript Devp2p protocol, Then collect stats the current versions of go-etz on nodes, how many master nodes online, normal nodes online, Live map of masternodes and what country they are in, the same with master nodes

    I put up a trello board so the community and the devs can make suggestions

  • Very good Roadmap. Especially the point with the map of the Masternodes is pretty cool.

  • I'm 100% on board with this proposal. I've sent all my MN votes towards it.

  • Yes, me too. I am on board. Sorry I hv so much problems submitting my vote. The positive side is that I have a suggestion. Anyway to include power / gas station price on display. Maybe another time? You will have coding work for live, buddy. Good job!

  • Why we should do this? Is there anything wrong?

  • What about adding a top 10 or top 25 of best Masternodes? Maybe it motivates a few people to get better Servers. It could display the processed blocks, or the gains, or both.

  • It's important to be watching and have a way to monitor activity. We wont know if anything is wrong if we don't watch it.

    Also it will be good for marketing to be able to give indepth stas about the network.

  • Can you list some expense lists?