Strategic Plan for Promotion of EtherZero Blockchain in Africa

  • *Organizing three workshops in 3 Universities in South West Nigeria
    *Creation and Management of African Centered Community for EtherZero on Telegram and Twitter
    *Exhibition of EtherZero at CyberChain Security Blockchain Conference Coming up on 31st of August.
    *Translating EtherZero main page to French for Our French Speaking Neighbours

    Nigeria is a relatively large country with an estimated population of over 180 million people. The youth plays a major role in the development of any country. Unfortunately, there is a continuous increase in graduate unemployment in the country giving students the need to leverage available opportunities against the web of unemployment hence students take keen interest in tech related businesses such as app development and other digital services as a means of escaping financial crises and creating wealth. Tech giants like NIIT, Aptech, Andela, Microsoft and more also train talents in Nigeria exporting them for international tech jobs abroad. While many Nigerian developers have also succeeded in creating dapps on blockchain platforms like EOS and Ethereum platforms. However, the cost of these platform is high for them to maintain those dapps leading to abandoning of projects and profitless adventure.
    Furthermore, many of these tech giants recruits talents directly from Universities even before their graduation and many students in Nigeria are involved in blockchain activities creating vibrant communities to support initiatives like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Aeternity and a couple of other world blockchain platform communities locally. Some students engage in mini-importation such as smart phones, laptops and accessories. Most of these students have over the years resorted to Bitcoin for online shopping. However, Bitcoin transaction fee and confirmation time have most of them seeking better alternatives as bank payments is also very expensive process. This thus, provides an appropriate platform to promote EtherZero through the youth who are mostly in the Universities.
    The training will be held in three (3) different university campuses only in the south western part of the country at this time. More than 100 participants are expected to attend the workshops/conferences at each selected campus ( University of Ibadan Lagos State Polytechnic and University of Ife
    We will also be helping our French Speaking Neighbours to translate the EtherZero official website to French since we have about 120 million people speaking French in Africa alone and about 300 million people worldwide. Innovations and trends emanating from Nigeria Spread quickly to surrounding French speaking neighbours and we will help to create the buzz not only in Nigeria but to surrounding nations and Africa at large.

    Pre - Event Plan

    1. 30 minutes radio presentation on EtherZero in the state radio stations to create awareness before the event.

    Event Plans: All participants would be trained on EtherZero Chain.
    For Developers
    • Main features
    • Consensus Mechnism
    • Zero Fees (Killer feature)
    • Masternode Set-up procedure
    • Governance Procedure
    For Newbies:
    • How to set up EtherZero wallets and how they can also promote it through their social media accounts
    • How to make use of ETZ tokens for payments
    • how to purchase/buy EtherZero from local and international exchanges via Digifinex, Fubt e.t.c
    • How to trade for speculative profits.
    • Free tokens of $5 for first 50 participants.

    $5 worth of ETZ will be given to the first 50 participants at each university and have them send some of it to other participants. This will make them feel the speed and convenience with EtherZero and also give them experience in using EtherZero immediately. Students will therefore be encouraged to use their savings to purchase EtherZero to accumulate capital and wealth using EtherZero and Shared Masternode investment as store of value in the long term to realize their entrepreneurial goals, further education, etc.
    2.Participants will also be trained on Digital marketing, Business Planning & Execution, proposal writing, and how they can achieve their entrepreneurial goals through wealth creation by accumulating capital through EtherZero and Masternode passive income in the long term. Finally, Students will be allowed to submit business ideas for mentorship and execution.

    1. Five(5) students from each university who attained outstanding skills in the workshop will be trained to promote EtherZero among colleague students and lecturers to form EtherZero community within the campus. These groups will be trained to teach students on how to make use EtherZero, use it as a store of value and most importantly start utilizing the platform for Dapp creation and app development for their respective projects.
    2. Finally the campus students will be integrated unto EtherZero community on telegram for continued support and ongoing dialogue on further promoting the platform for use among other tertiary institutions.

    Timeline: 2 months delivery timeframe:

    1. University for Ibadan (Nigeria) 2days workshop (1st week )

    2. Lagos State Polytechnic (Nigeria) 2days workshop (2 weeks after)

    3. Obafemi Awolowo University 2days workshop (2 weeks after)

    4. CyberChain Conference 24th of August 2019

    Interstate transportation cost to and within all 3 universities for 6 weeks - $700
    Hotel accommodation & feeding in three different locations 3 days each - $2900
    Hiring of Venue for workshops for the 3 universities - $2000
    Feeding Cost of Participants for all 3 workshops/conferences - $800
    Tokens for participants for all 3 workshops/conferences - $750
    Printing of EtherZero shirts, stikers, fliers, banners, website publications for the 3 events across the 3 universities and the Cyberchain Event - $1650 (Barners will be reusable for other future events)
    Media Engagement with 3 radio stations across the states of the 3 universities - $900
    Communication and free Wi-fi for organizing all 3 workshops/conferences - $300
    Cameraman for videos of workshops for all 3 workshops/conferences - $1800

    Cyberchain Conference ( Cost: $1000 [Gold Sponsorship]
    Logistics $500

    Benefits: 1Unit 2X2 Exhibition Booth
    Distribute Promotional materials and introduction by keynote speaker
    Recognition with half page colour AD in the final brochure
    Logo and Name Displayed on all name badges and conference kit
    Logo and name displayed on Vault Bridge social media channels
    Social media promotions through Vault Bridge social media channels
    (Linkedln, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Radio, TV, Print Media)

    Creation and growing of Telegram and Twitter accounts for the rest of the year: $500
    Translation of EtherZero Website to French for our French Speaking Neighbours $0.5/word $422 (FREE)
    (We shall be offering this translation service free as our contribution to the promotion of EtherZero Blockchain)
    We counted the words using a free word counter available at: = 844 words

    Total - $13,800
    We are therefore asking for $13,800/equivalent amount of EtherZero to be able to carry out this project.

    a. Videos, pictures and reports of this project will be sent to the EtherZero community and circulated on social media platforms as ads.
    b. Each campus Club will present and execute action plans for their respective duties in their schools
    c. Team members are self-motivated and selected by merit.
    d. All universities are selected on merit with regards to their population (30,000 plus) respectively and their influence on the Nigerian society
    e. CyberChain Conference is one of the most prestigious blockchain conference in Nigeria and focuses on blockchain initiatives.
    f. Monthly report on growth of social media groups and community

    Who am I?
    My name is Oladimeji Shekoni I am the CEO of Flourish blockchain Software Solutions and Tech Limited a Company registered in the Federal Republic of Nigeria (RC1554727). I am a business mogul and have been investing and working with crypto related projects since 2013. I have also served some of the best blockchain project ideas as ambassador over the years conducting social experimental researches, and continental representation. Examples are Humaniq and Bitcloud. I have also worked with Global exchanges like IP2P Global as a country partner and I’m the Founder of NairaCoin. A Stable backed coin to the Nigerian Naira based on ERC20 token. However, due to high transaction cost of the Ethereum network which prevented our users from micro-payments and transactions, we planned to fork the Ethereum chain and create our own public blockchain which was part of our roadmap to be executed after fund raising. During Our research we came across EtherZero which offers the perfect solution we seek such as Zero fees and faster confirmation with high throughput. I am personally very excited and happy to be part of the EtherZero community and will do all i can to promote the platform to the very top in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. I am not alone in this Journey as we have a team of 4 developers and 2 marketers. I will be very privileged to be given the opportunity to serve this great project and community as its Ambassador in Africa.
    Team members.






  • That's a good offer. The budget is not required big.
    I think you've had enough of 40,000 etz to implement everything you've written.
    Are you a master nod holder?

  • @masterkey I am a shared Node owner Not a full Node owner at the moment. Thanks for the positive feedback.

  • Good proposal, good plan. Wish you good luck.

  • @pfistl Thanks so much for the feedback. This is just the beginning

  • My proposal is now active. Kindly Vote. You can also ask any question about it. Thank you in advance.